The Disruptive Payment Solution

The Kaboom Coin blockchain platform facilitates the rapid development of business applications that will dramatically improve efficiency across several industries. Some of the world’s largest institutions can use our platform to explore new opportunities on private blockchains.


Kaboom Coin blockchain architecture is designed from the ground up with enterprise clients in mind. Privacy, scalability, and security have always been our primary concern. Our ability to natively join chains enables features and functionality that previously required third party integrations and compromised the security and privacy of the network.

Decentralised Security Smart Contract (DSS)

You are the holder of the DSS key and in full control of your funds. You can fine tune your security settings at anytime with the smart contracts. From spending limits, Daily Limits, Portfolio Spending, Widthdrawal setting etc.

Payment Platform for Blockchain Assets

The platform connects assets and businesses on blockchains to the real-world in a decentralized manner. Developers can develop security smart contract modules, businesses can connect their users and usecase to real-world payments.

Kaboom Coin


Blockchain Technology affords features that were previously either not possible or very difficult to achieve. With Kaboom Coin you inherit all of these features:


Even when dealing with parties outside your organization the transactions written to the blockchain are unchanging and perfectly auditable.


The unprecedented horizontal scalability of Kaboom Coin supports the most demanding and time sensitive applications.


Built in security which takes advantage of the native cryptography and distribution of blockchain technology.


Resources dedicated to backups are a part of the live operation of Kaboom Coin. They don’t simply sit idle until needed.


Kaboom Coin is built for commercial usage with pricing designed to align with business growth.


The audit trail is the system of record.


Choose the algorithms and properties that you need to your specific use case — everything can be configured.

Business Applications

Aka, Smart Contracts, are applications made of pure business logic that therefore do not need to be rewritten simply to scale. Any application written on a blockchain is inherently scalable.

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Kaboom Coin is currently being used to develop several applications at various stages of commercialization.

We are now opening registration to organizations interested in blockchain technology and would love to introduce the power of blockchain technology and applications to your business.

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